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Bringing Essential Commercial Solar Savings to Homes and Small Businesses 

 Everything Else Is Just Guessing

Reduced efficiency of solar panel Studies and practical observations suggest that this reduction can range from 5% to 25%, or even more in extreme cases, depending on the level of soiling. 

The Lowest option of a 5% increase in your bill due to debris will cost the average user $165.00 per year. While cleaning at the wrong time will cost on average $15.00 per panel ($250.00 average system). 

"A Solar Cleaning Monitor/Meter is the most reliable method to accurately determine the optimal cleaning schedule, maximizing the income or savings generated from solar panels. This is why it's commonly used by commercial solar operators."

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Solar Cleaning Meters

"As a premier Solar Cleaning Meter enterprise in Australia, our esteemed reputation stems from the enduring partnerships we've cultivated since our inception. Every customer, to us, is paramount, deserving unparalleled service excellence. We pledge nothing less. Reach out today and discover the difference we bring."

Our Services

"We're dedicated to accompanying our customers through every phase, delivering tailored solutions for all their requirements. Explore our diverse range of solar cleaning products to find what suits your needs best. As we continually evolve and expand our offerings, we're eager to hear your suggestions. If there's something you envision that we haven't yet added to our roster, please share it with us."

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Home Solar Cleaning Monitors

"Our home solar cleaning meters stand out as our best-selling product line. They've significantly enhanced the earnings of numerous customers while maintaining unparalleled excellence. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, these meters promise an effortless user experience. When you choose Solar Cleaning Meters, you're opting for industry-leading expertise and care."

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DIY Solar Cleaning Equipment 

"Curated specifically for our DIY enthusiasts, these premium products have been instrumental in the triumphs of countless home handypersons. For all your solar panel cleaning needs, rely on us to deliver excellence. We stand out for our unparalleled customer service, and we're confident you'll appreciate partnering with our dedicated team."

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