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Introducing our innovative Star Picket Mount tailored specifically for Home Solar Cleaning Meters. Leveraging the strength and versatility of a 2400mm star picket, this mount ensures that you can optimally position your meter virtually anywhere.


Key Features:


Versatility at Its Best: With the combined strength of our mount and a 2400mm star picket, install your Solar Cleaning Meter in a variety of terrains and locations, be it a garden, field, or any outdoor setting.

User-Friendly Height Design: We've listened to our users. Our mount design ensures that the meter is placed at a comfortable and accessible height. Whether you're standing or seated, checking the meter readings is a breeze.

Robust & Durable: Crafted with precision, our mount guarantees longevity, ensuring that your Solar Cleaning Meter remains securely in place regardless of weather conditions.

Our mount is designed to perfectly house the Solar Cleaning Meter, ensuring a snug fit and minimizing any chances of wobbling or misalignment.


This Star Picket Mount isn't just a tool; it's an enhancement to your solar cleaning process. Say goodbye to the days of struggling with positioning and accessing your meter. With our enhanced mount, reading and monitoring become more convenient than ever before.

Star Picket Mount (Black)

SKU: Star Picker Mount
  • Strong Long Lasting ABS Plastic Constuction

  • Ships in 3 - 5 Working Days

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