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Solarneas' basic solar cleaning meter is our introductory model. Boasting a large solar cell, it captures accurate data and presents it on a bright, clear display, all encased in a durable body. This self-powered unit eliminates ongoing costs and the inconvenience of battery replacements. Although designed as an entry-level device, its consistent calibration allows users to quickly gauge the system's status once they are accustomed to the meter. Offering exceptional value for money, this meter often yields the fastest return on investment, with potential savings covering its cost within 6 to 12 months.


SKU: Solarnea Classic B
  • "Experience the power of self-sustainability with our expansive 112mm x 84mm (4.7" x 3.5") solar cell. Crafted from robust ABS material, its cutting-edge design completely eliminates the need for batteries, ensuring consistent performance without interruptions."

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