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The Sungazer Compact Home Solar Cleaning Meter is the perfect device for homeowners who want to keep their solar panels in top condition. This upgraded version of the classic Mk1 comes with advanced electronics and a sleek form factor, making it easier than ever to use. With its precision measurement capabilities, you can easily monitor the effectiveness of your solar cleaning time table. The Sungazer Solarneas most accurate and reliable home solar cleaning meter available on the market today. Don't let dirty solar panels keep you from getting the most out of your investment- try the Sungazer today

Sungazer Compact

SKU: Solarnea Compact B
  • "Embrace self-reliance with our impressive 112mm x 84mm (4.7" x 3.5") solar cell. Constructed using sturdy ABS material, this state-of-the-art efficient design forgoes the need for batteries, guaranteeing uninterrupted and steadfast performance. With its enhanced electronics, expect superior accuracy that translates to greater savings."

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